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pinballsorceror's Journal

Tate Austin
17 November
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  • PinballSorceror
I'm a fresh out of college guy slowly growing accustomed to the term "young professional." I consider myself intelligent and I seem to do well with people, I have many friends, etc, etc. I'm an avid reader and though this summary may sound dry I'm told I have a good sense of humor. All this is very vague, I'm very probably a person just like you in most every way.
I've spent the last year trying to make the decision to go back into grad school or not, and I finally opted to stay in the working world at least for a little while longer. I'm definetely an emotional kind of guy, though I don't enjoy drama for drama's sake in real life. But yes I am not afraid to shed a tear at character driven dramas or a good book.