Tate Austin (pinballsorceror) wrote,
Tate Austin

A commercialized ordeal

Okay, so my brother asked for a new computer for christmas. He's one of hte more computer illiterate persons in my life so I knew whatever we gave him would have to be on the upper-side of easy to use. So after looking at what Dell had to offer, I decided it would be more cost effective to build it for him. I would be cheaper to buy from Dell, there is no doubt, but the system would be a Pentium4 purchased at the end of the Pentium4's lifespan; no upgrading for Emmet(my older brother). So I drafted a budget and ordered the parts in late November, got the stuff in early December and at the time was between jobs, so I didn't have shit to do aside from my pet software projects. So I assembled it, a sterling Athlon64 system. Well, it looked nice, but she didn't seem to want to boot. She wasn't pretty, she just looked that way. After a day of swapping out parts I deduce the RAM is bad. So I get it exchanged for the next day only to find the board(as in your mother) is at fault too. So I went to get that replaced, was handed another defective board; or so I thought until I learned the power supply was ALSO bad. Edit for TV, I spend a lot of time making this work, used workbench space at CompUSA, became a temporary employee for the day, kid you not I was helping the customers. During the rest of this ordeal(and I know, there are people in the world whose experiences are really more deserving of the word "ordeal", but it's fitting in the sense that most people buy presents, wrap them, and then turn off the lights feeling giddy that the recipient will feel joy), I am given two more defective parts. The replacement powersupply I'm given is ALSO faulty!
So after a total of about 30 hours of work, I had a shiny new Athlon64 system, copied the complete collection of Tom Baker's Doctor Who episodes to the hard drive and hid it behind the TV christmas morning, running said Baker episodes in a loop. (I downloaded them mostly for this purpose, but also nostalgia) So Emmet finds a box under the tree whose label instructs him to turn on the television, and is surprised by his new computer. I don't know how many of the people reading this are generally interested in this sort of thing, but it's definetely a christmas I'm going to remember for many years to come.

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